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Welcome to

TEKTIME Publisher's Website


Are you tired of giving away the majority of your books sales to publishing companies? At Tektime, we offer a worldwide books publishing system that's both affordable and flexible.

We only charge a 10% fee for our services, which means that you keep 90% of the profits from the sales of your books.

In addition, we also offer translation and narration services to help you reach a wider audience. With our revenue sharing system, you can have your books translated into multiple languages and narrated by professional voice actors.


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Here are the ways an author can collaborate with us:

Revenue Sharing

Thanks to our Revenue Sharing system, you can translate your books into multiple languages and have them narrated by professional voice actors.

The most interesting part? There are no upfront costs for these services.

We operate on a revenue-sharing basis, which means you will share the profits from the sales of the translated and narrated versions of your books with the translators and narrators who assisted you.

This way, we ensure that everyone's efforts are directed towards the success of your books and that the quality of translations and narrations is always the best possible.

Assignment of Rights

You can assign us the translation and narration rights of your book, and we will handle the entire process of translation and narration in all the languages we manage.

In return, you will receive a percentage of each sale of the translated and narrated versions of your book.

This allows you to transfer all responsibilities to us without any effort on your part, while still benefiting from the sales.

Additionally, we will take care of distributing and promoting the translated and narrated works worldwide through our network covering over 170 countries.

Direct Payment

If you prefer full control, you can hire a translator or narrator for a direct fee.

This method involves an upfront payment and allows you to retain all rights to your translated or narrated book.

It's the ideal solution if you want to ensure that your book is translated and narrated by professionals while maintaining full copyright control.


Concerning translations, who guarantees me that they will be "well done"?

We have six levels of verification:

  1. The translator's ranking and the related reviews issued by users who have used his services;
  2. The translator can ask the help of other translators to double check his work (proofreading);
  3. Professional evaluation of the translation proposals;
  4. Professional evaluation of the first 5% and of the complete translation;
  5. Our native speaker volunteer readers issue assessments and reviews on both the quality of the translation and the content of the translated books;
  6. Native-speaking narrators who, in addition to narrating the book, are also required to correct any detected typos;

Overall, our system is designed to help you reach a global audience and maximize your profits, while also keeping costs low and ensuring that you have full control over your work.

So if you're looking for a publishing partner that can help you take your books to the next level, Tektime is the perfect choice.

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Are you a professional translator looking for new opportunities to expand your business and reach a wider audience? We have just the solution for you!

We are excited to announce our new revenue sharing program for books translation. As a Tektime translator, you will have the opportunity to work on exciting book translation projects and receive a share of the revenue generated from their sales, as well as the possibility of getting extra translation grants.

Our platform is designed to connect translators with authors and publishers, making it easy to find new translation projects and build a portfolio of work.

At Tektime, we believe that great books should be accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live or what language they speak. By joining our revenue sharing program, you'll be helping to bring the best international books to a wider audience, while also earning revenue from your translation skills.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Tektime revenue sharing program for books translation today and start taking your translation business to the next level.

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Are you a narrator looking for new opportunities to showcase your talent and get paid for it? Look no further than Tektime's Revenue Sharing Books Narration System.

As the demand for audiobooks continues to grow, Tektime is looking for talented narrators to help bring books to life through audio. By joining our revenue sharing program, you'll have the chance to narrate books in a variety of genres, from romance and mystery to science fiction and more.

As a narrator, you'll work closely with authors and editors to ensure the final product is of the highest quality, and you'll be compensated based on the number of copies sold, as well as the possibility of getting extra narration grants. Plus, with Tektime's expansive audience, you'll have the opportunity to reach readers and listeners all over the world.

If you're a skilled narrator looking for a new way to showcase your talent and earn money, Tektime's Revenue Sharing Books Narration System is the perfect opportunity. Join us today and be a part of bringing the world's best stories to life through audio.

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Have you ever wished to expand the market for your books without having to spend a fortune on translations and narrations?
Finally, the solution you've been searching for has arrived!

Introducing our exclusive translation and narration service with revenue sharing, specifically designed for publishers like you. With this innovative collaboration model, you can avoid upfront expenses while multiplying your authors' sales.

Imagine having access to a team of professionals specialized in translation and narration, ready to make your books available in new languages and enrich them with engaging narrations. All of this without having to face high costs or financial risks.

Our translation and narration service with revenue sharing operates in a simple and effective manner. We take care of all the steps, providing our team of experts to accurately translate your books into desired languages and create captivating narrations that will capture readers' attention. In return, we share the revenues generated from the translated and narrated books.

Open the doors of your catalog to new international markets, reaching readers worldwide. The translation of your books into highly sought-after languages and the engaging narrations will allow your authors to gain new fans and increase sales.
Not only will you save money but you will also provide new opportunities for your authors to expand their global presence.

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Authors Interviews:

Dana Lyons

Robert Rickman
Robert Rickman's Podcast

A.C. Meyer


>> Other interviews<<


We are struggling for minimizing paper consumption and global deforestation by becoming GREEN.

Our primary commitment is to stimulate as much as possible the spread of digital contents.

Join us on this mission by purchasing ebooks and audiobooks and save a tree .


Here is the list of languages available for translations:

• Afrikaans • Albanian • Arabic • Azerbaijani • Basque • Belarusian • Bengali • Bulgarian • Burmese • Catalan • Chinese • Croatian • Czech • Danish • Dutch • English • Esperanto • Estonian • Ethiopian • Filipino • Finnish • French • Galician • Georgian • German • Greek • Gujarati • Hausa • Hebrew • Hindi • Hungarian • Icelandic • Igbo • Indonesian • Italian • Japanese • Kazakh • Khmer • Kinyarwanda • Korean • Latvian • Lithuanian • Macedonian • Malagasy • Malay • Malayalam • Marathi • Mongolian • Northern Sotho • Norwegian • Pashto • Persian • Polish • Portuguese • Portuguese (Brazilian) • Romanian • Russian • Serbian • Sinhala • Slovak • Slovenian • Somali • Southern Sotho • Spanish • Swahili • Swedish • Tagalog • Tamil • Telugu • Thai • Turkish • Ukrainian • Urdu • Uzbek • Vietnamese • Welsh • Yoruba • Zulu

Some of our Distributors


Complete list


The promotion of our books and audiobooks will be handled directly by us, with the invaluable contribution of translators and narrators.

They represent key figures, as their deep understanding of the language and customs of their nation allows them to best convey the value of the works to the audience.

By collaborating with them, we will ensure effective and engaging promotion that fully showcases our editorial productions.

Distribution in 170 countries

We will publish your books all over the world and you won't have to pay anything!
To compensate our work, we withdraw only 10% on your books sales.


Registration on our portal
Distribution in the largest global network (170 countries)
Real-time sales reporting
Automatic billing
On-time monthly payments
ISBNs assignment
Online library. App available.
Blog with useful tips and suggestions
Customer Care with very fast response times
No exclusivity required
Books translation and narration

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Boosting Book Sales with
AI-Free Certification

What is an AI-Free Certificate?

An AI-Free Certificate represents a declaration and verification process designed to confirm that a book or a translated work has been crafted with minimal or no reliance on artificial intelligence.
This certification guarantees readers that the content primarily stems from human creativity and expertise, featuring minimal to no use of AI software, algorithms or automated tools.

Getting an AI-Free Certificate for your book goes beyond a badge of distinction – it becomes a strong draw for potential buyers. Let's dig into how this certification not only enhances the appeal of your work but also boosts its marketability, making it an enticing and favored choice for thoughtful readers.

  • Building Trust: Readers are increasingly mindful of the influence of technology on content creation. An AI-Free Certificate builds trust by assuring readers that your book is crafted with human creativity and expertise, free from extensive reliance on AI.
  • Authenticity Sells: In a market saturated with various forms of content, authenticity stands out. Highlighting your AI-Free Certification emphasizes the authentic and human-driven nature of your book, appealing to readers who value genuine, non-automated content.
  • Quality Assurance: The certification process involves a thorough examination of your book's content, ensuring high-quality writing, creativity and originality. This assurance of quality can attract discerning readers who seek well-crafted and thoughtfully produced works.
  • Appealing to Ethical Readers: As ethical considerations become more prominent in consumers' minds, having an AI-Free Certificate demonstrates your commitment to transparency and ethical content creation. This can resonate with readers who prefer supporting content produced without extensive AI involvement.
  • Standing Out in Marketing: Use the AI-Free Certification as a powerful marketing tool. Incorporate the certification badge on your book cover, promotional materials and online platforms to catch the eye of potential readers. Clearly communicate the authenticity and human touch your book offers.

Gain a competitive edge in the market, boost reader confidence and elevate your book's sales by proudly featuring the
AI-Free Certification!

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Books translation and narration in Revenue Sharing

Thanks to this innovative idea, authors, publishers and translators will be able to collaborate in the translation of books, novels and all kind of literary works, evenly sharing the sales revenue.

In the same way, it will be possible for authors and publishers to cooperate with narrators for creating audiobook versions of their works.

Registration is absolutely free.

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Your goals are our goals

With our help, authors and publishers could finally enter the global books market and multiply their sales.
In fact, each book could generate more than 70 new translated books and as many audiobooks.

English language is one of the most spoken languages in the world but it is spoken only but about 14% of the world population.

With your books written only in English, you are losing 86% of the global market.

Start getting your books translated right away. With our Revenue Sharing system you will not have to spend anything.
The costs of translations and narrations will be completely covered by readers.


Our skilled Team will help you to spread your works all over the world.

Detailed reports

You can check the sales of your books and audiobooks at any time with our detailed reports.

Marketing strategy

Your books and audiobooks will be distributed in more than 170 countries. Global visibility.


Our strength is cooperation between people. With us, one plus one is always more than two.

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How it works


• Enter books to be translated or narrated
• Choose a translator or a narrator
• Propose your book
• Start selling all over the world
No cost

The translator and the narrator will share with you the books sales revenue. It's amazing, isn't it?

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• Choose books that interest you
• Translate them in one or more languages you know
• Share revenues with the author
• Your name will appear as translator on each book

It's a great opportunity to take advantage of your language skills.

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• Choose a book you like
• Read it aloud and record your narration
• Share the audiobook sales revenues with the author
• Your name will appear as a narrator of the audiobook

Your voice will make even more exciting the book you have narrated. Listening is the new reading.

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• Read for free the previews of the new translated books and give your own evaluation
• Help authors by leaving a review on their new books
• Get an incredible 30% discount on all books in our online bookstore

By joining our community of readers, you will have the chance to read lots of books, in over thirty different languages and contribute to the publication of perfectly translated books. Thank you for your help.

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• Enter the books details of your authors
• Choose translators and narrators
• Propose your books
• Start selling all over the world
No cost

Translators and Narrators will share with you the books sales revenue. It's amazing, isn't it?

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• Sign up as an affiliate and you'll get a personal link to promote our services
• Invite your friends, writers, translators and narrators to join our community
• Invite other users to sign up through internet, social networks, blogs, etc.
• Earn a percentage, forever, on sales of books published, translated or narrated by the people you've invited.

It's a simple and effective way that will allow you to make money without any effort.

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Tektime Service Website

Revenue sharing table

From To Author Translator/
€ 0,00 € 999,99 15% 75% 10%
€ 1.000,00 € 1.999,99 30% 60% 10%
€ 2.000,00 € 3.999,99 60% 30% 10%
€ 4.000,00 € 7.999,99 70% 20% 10%
€ 8.000,00 € ... 80% 10% 10%

The revenue from the books sales will be shared between authors and translators (or narrators) as indicated in the previous table. Tektime will always retain only 10%.

Our Additional Services
Service Price EUR
(VAT included)

Original or translated book formatting

Basic formatting and correct book pagination (paragraphs, chapters, indexes, footnotes, page margins, etc.).


EPUB conversion

Book conversion into EPUB format.


EPUB cover creation

Ebook cover creation, only graphics (front only), without images (or with images belonging to the author), 2 proposals. Realization within 5 working days.


PDF conversion

Book conversion into PDF format (for the paperback version) made in the format selected during the publication. This service includes the complete book reformatting (paragraphs, chapters, indexes, notes, page layout, etc.).


Paperback cover creation

Paperback cover creation, only graphics (front, spine, back), without images (or with images belonging to the author), 2 proposals. Realization within 5 working days.


Audiobook cover creation

Audiobook cover creation, only graphics (front only), without images (or with images belonging to the author), 2 proposals. Realization within 5 working days.



Creation of a trailer for a book or audiobook (see example).
It includes the promotion on our social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok, etc.). Furthermore, upon request, the book trailer can be sent to the user for self-promotion.
The book trailer is a video clip that presents the book or audiobook with a duration adapted to different social channels. The book trailer shows a video with the cover, description, background images and videos suitable for the book's genre, background music and an invitation to purchase it from our library.
All images and music included in the video clip will be in the public domain.



Proofreading. Thorough reading of the text with elimination of typos, text formatting (indented lines, italics, small caps, bold) and layout correction (paragraphs, chapters, indexes, footnotes, margins, etc.)
(Approximately from 0.01 to 0.05 EURO/Word depending on the language)

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Full text revision. Application of the editorial uniformity rules, structuring arguments, citations and bibliography verification, linguistic review, content analysis and rewriting, Complete book formatting and pagination.
(Approximately from 0.02 to 0.10 EURO/Word depending on the language)

Request a quote

Books translation (direct payment)

Request the translation of your books without using the "Revenue sharing" formula. Your books will be translated directly. You will only pay for the translation job and you will not have to share the sales revenue with the translator.
(Approximately from 0.03 to 0.12 EURO/Word depending on the language)

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Books narration (direct payment)

Request the narration of your books without using the "Revenue sharing" formula. Your books will be narrated directly. You will only pay for the narration job and you will not have to share the sales revenue with the narrator.
(Approximately from 0.01 to 0.15 EURO/Word depending on the language)

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Amazon advertising campaign

Promote your book on Amazon to buyers searching for relevant keywords or looking for books similar to yours.
We'll take care of creating the best promotional campaign for your books and managing it. Your book will be presented to readers as they search for books similar to yours, either by genre or by keywords. Ads appear in search results and product detail pages, on desktop and mobile devices. Ads will be posted on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.es, Amazon.fr and Amazon.it depending on the language of the book.

Calculate offer

Booktrailer promotion on Socials

Promote your book / audiobook through a Booktrailer on Facebook and Instagram to users interested in the discussed topics. The booktrailer can be provided by the user (self-made) or purchased through our "Booktrailer Creation" service indicated above.

Calculate offer

Book AI Free certification

AI-Free Certificate attests that a book or translated work has been created with minimal or no use of artificial intelligence (AI), ensuring readers that the content is primarily the result of human creativity and experience, with limited reliance on AI software, algorithms, or automated tools. This certification not only verifies the authenticity and human-centric approach in the creation of the work but also serves as a powerful incentive for increased sales. Regarded as a hallmark of quality and originality by discerning readers, the AI-Free Certificate provides a significant competitive advantage, contributing to enhanced appeal and book sales.

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Author`s GOLD Subscription (yearly)

Click here for more details about this plan.


Publisher`s GOLD Subscription (yearly)

Click here for more details about this plan.


Narrator`s GOLD Subscription (yearly)

Click here for more details about this plan.


Translator`s GOLD Subscription (yearly)

Click here for more details about this plan.



Our Team - Top Three

Danilo Clementoni

Founder & CEO

In 1964 he took his place on our Earth and from then on he has been committed to improving the lives of humanity.

Tranquillino Santoro

Proof Reader and Editor

A highly cultured professional man who will turn your book into a true work of art.

Andreaceleste Brilli

Marketing manager

Thanks to her expertise and professionalism, your works will have no difficulty reaching the top of the sales charts.

Katarzyna Olszewska

Translator & Content Editor

For her, languages have no secrets. Insatiable devourer of books, she will always be at your side to bring success to your works.

The Team

A bit of everything

For every problem there is a solution.
If there is no solution, it means that there is no problem either. This is their motto.

Other Services - Computer technology

We develop customized projects for every type of business need.

Web Design/Development

Creation of dedicated websites for use as blogs, e-commerce, virtual shop windows and more.
Design and development of web oriented applications in Windows or Linux environments, fully configurable according to customer needs.

Database administration

Database design, implementation and management:

• Oracle
• Microsoft SQL
• SQLite
• MS Access

System administration

Design, implementation and system administration of LAN/WAN networks. Configuration and management of domains and users.

Configuration of Router, firewall, proxy server, mail server, cloud server. Realization of redundant systems for specific needs.

Our Clients Says

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